★ Portfolio
March 10, 2021

Hanley Goods ★

Fresh and courage logo for a coming soon store creating high-quality lightweight wild camping equipment with meticulous attention to detail and with lifelong functionality in mind.


The client from the United Kingdom found me on Upwork. He was really inspired by Siberian nature and the landscapes around the place I'm living in. In my proposal, I mentioned that one of my hobbies is camping. So, being both interested in an excellent result for Hanley Goods, we started this project.

My client wasn't 100% sure what exactly he'd like to see but gave me two examples of logos he was excited about.

I wanted to surprise my client. So except for the version close to the first example, I made my vision of this brand.

After searching, I got the geometric form of day and night mountain landscape — a unique shape, which can easily transform into an ornament. This feature lets us use this logo anywhere. And by anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE.

T-shirts, hoodies, coats, tents, mugs... Even grills! From fabric to metal. Anything you got in your mind. Just imagine what could be done for Hanley Goods with such a logo.

My client liked this version, but he understood that we need something customary. More of cozy — less of brutality. What time is it? Illustration time!

What can be cozier than warm light from the tent among the mountains at starry night? And bingo. That's the feel of Hanley Goods. The project is still in work, so I hope to get another task from this client.