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January 9, 2021

Magic Pill for Designers & Writers

Before releasing an extensive material, I decided to share a few little thoughts.



Today, designers continuously torment to create a distinctive layout, design "Apple-like, " and cultivate expertise and become more wealthy. So they practice setting up the layout in Latin and crying about which clients are dumb: asking to paint the buttons into bright-purple color.

Writers and publicists masturbate to perfect copy, lead magnets, and neuro-copying. They also want fame, cash, and clients paying for the article, not $20, but $500.

I was remote before it starts to be cool 😎

Let's face it. The recipe for great design and a compelling copy is straightforward: cast-iron butt and the ability to hit one point, approach after approach. Everything else is whim and bullshit. First, you need to study hard-working, and only then — how to push the creativity out of yourself.

If you've already written your 2021 plans, I recommend adding the above to your list. Сause everyone has learned to be creative, but nobody wants to work.