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BRICS 2020

It's a website for the 6th BRICS International Conference. The design turned out to be strict, minimalistic, and informative. Anyone can find the needful information, either visitor or potential partner or sponsor.

Part 2\2. Tired of Amateurs? Handpicked Signs of Bad & Top-Tier Designers

Hey, are you playing with tracking? Oh, you! Naughty, naughty! Bad designer! Stop right now!

Part 1\2. Tired of Amateurs? Handpicked Signs of Bad & Top-Tier Designers

It would seem that the principles of decent design are as old as the world. But shitty sites with drunk fonts, ticky-tacky graphics, and illogical solutions are still plentiful on the internet. The reason is usually simple: the one who accepted this design didn't understand damn even a thing about it and trusted the specialist view. But from artist to artist — discord.

Vitaforce ★

American manufacturer of food additives. The main advantage of the brand is a product that is 100% natural. And most of the ingredients are grown on their own farm.

What Perfect Design Is? Synopsis

From a Systems Theory viewpoint, any interface is a low-efficiency bottleneck where energy, speed, bandwidth, time, audience, and money are wasted.

Worst Thing In Digital Employees

If you take on something, then you are responsible for it. If you don't take on it, you don't respond. That's it.

Magic Pill for Designers & Writers

Before releasing an extensive material, I decided to share a few little thoughts.

Turmeripure ★

The manufacturer of lab-grade Turmeric and Boswellia Serrata extracts Landing page. Natural, warm colors attract customers, and realistic compositions show that this manufacturer you can trust.

SmarterNutrition ★

Smarter Nutrition produces various nutritional supplements based on natural ingredients — a diverse line of products for cleansing the body, proper nutrition, healthy sleep, and a great mood.

Transformation ★

Protein powder by SPR BODY for weight loss and muscle gain. The brand is supported by a personal trainer of famous American actors (Sylvester Stallone, Ben Affleck, etc.)