Nikita Katz
An outcome-driven digital designer based in Siberia
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Projects I've made for my clients from 2015 as a freelancer

Vitaforce ★

American manufacturer of food additives. The main advantage of the brand is a product that is 100% natural. And most of the ingredients are grown on their own farm.

Turmeripure ★

The manufacturer of lab-grade Turmeric and Boswellia Serrata extracts Landing page. Natural, warm colors attract customers, and realistic compositions show that this manufacturer you can trust.

SmarterNutrition ★

Smarter Nutrition produces various nutritional supplements based on natural ingredients — a diverse line of products for cleansing the body, proper nutrition, healthy sleep, and a great mood.

Transformation ★

Protein powder by SPR BODY for weight loss and muscle gain. The brand is supported by a personal trainer of famous American actors (Sylvester Stallone, Ben Affleck, etc.)

Negzon ★

It is a multi-page e-commerce website for a start-up of service for profitable purchases. Negzon finds the best deals on a buyer's request by suggesting a seller with the most favorable conditions: low price, high quality.


Branding of my team, website design, and development. We're working for 3 months on this project to find the right way and create an original design, illustrations, and develop solutions.

ThirstySprout ★

Hire highly specialized world-class engineering teams and software developers. Vetted network of top 1% engineering teams in the world, ready to build your vision or scale your team fast. No more hiring lackluster developers that deliver spaghetti code and technical debt.

Health+Gaming ★

​​​​​​​Eagle Eye is a unique product made by a group of avid gamers and health industry professionals — Health + Gaming. They educate and provide scientifically backed solutions that may help to maintain and preserve the health of the gaming community. Eagle Eye is a nutrient-dense supplement packed with powerful antioxidants and essential minerals made to help gamers protect and maintain their eyes.

SpruceMeUp ★

Founded in 2018, Spruce produces American made, highest quality, lab-grade CBD. We began with the logo and nice illustrated label design for this fantastic product.