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January 6, 2021

SmarterNutrition ★

Smarter Nutrition produces various nutritional supplements based on natural ingredients — a diverse line of products for cleansing the body, proper nutrition, healthy sleep, and a great mood.

Redesign a template site for a company with a store of products built on Shopify. This client is one of those I have been working with for four years. We partnered with a landing page to launch their first product, Smarter Curcumin. Three years later, they trusted me with work on the main Smarter Nutrition website.

The client knew what exactly to expect and entirely relied on my decisions. In such cases, I set myself the task of surprising the client. And I did it.

The main section animation


All Smarter Nutrition primary products are presented on the main screen as a slider. The brand has an exciting move: each drug has identical labels with its unique color. I played on this. At the moment, I had eight slides with an original composition for each product.

I have developed a multi-page site that runs on Shopify with several standard solutions convenient for the customer. The inner pages are based on the original template. I continue to contribute to the design of the pages so far.

Product page made from our template

I always get great pleasure in creating photorealistic compositions for my clients. This technique made Smarter Nutrition fall in love with me from the first project. 😸

Now it is not just my "business card," but also a part of a large company's brand.

Smarternutrition.com — "About Us" page
Smarter Magnesium scene develop
Smarter Collagen scene develop
Smarternutrition.com homepage

Clients I have been cooperating with for several years are very dear to me, especially if their business has begun to develop with me. I value their trust and try to exceed expectations, even in simple projects.