★ Portfolio
January 5, 2021

Negzon ★

It is a multi-page e-commerce website for a start-up of service for profitable purchases. Negzon finds the best deals on a buyer's request by suggesting a seller with the most favorable conditions: low price, high quality.

Negzon is a trading platform, the principle of which is similar to Yandex.Market and Aliexpress. The buyer enters a request and in the search results receives a list of various sellers/stores where the product he needs is available. According to the rating and feedback system, the buyer chooses the most advantageous offer and concludes a deal. It's a project with a lot of internal pages and functions.

Main screen. The field for entering a request in different states.


The structure of the Upwork website inspired me for this project. Thus, I managed to organize many elements and functions, but it was somewhat dull. The interface's simplicity and intuitiveness was the main goal, but I needed to add some flavor.

I decided to add a section to the main screen describing the service stages — three simple steps with illustrations I specially designed.

Step 1 - finding a product, step 2 - choosing the best offer, step 3 - making a deal with the seller.

The illustrations are simple but cute. At our disposal appeared the character Negzon, which I could use anywhere, which I used with pleasure. I even could solve the issue with the "About..." page. There was a lot of text that would hardly be read by a future user. But funny illustrations are a guaranteed of interest in this case.

How did the idea appear to create this service? What way did my client go with his idea? It's the whole story. The marble carving hero fits this story perfectly. What innovations does Negzon offer? Why is it better than others? It helps the buyer to contact the seller directly — no extra steps. There is no longer a need to look for a product for a long time, call the store, find out if there are discounts or promotions, and then wait and worry about delivery. We managed to reflect this essence in the illustration.

As a result, we received a large project, thoroughly worked out with great attention to detail. All possible situations were taken into account - from an incorrectly entered request to recovering a forgotten password. The project even planned its unique messenger for communication between the seller and the buyer.

The project is ambitious, so I hope it will soon start functioning and delight its customers with pleasant purchases.