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January 2, 2021

SpruceMeUp ★

Founded in 2018, Spruce produces American made, highest quality, lab-grade CBD. We began with the logo and nice illustrated label design for this fantastic product.

Brand and Label Design

Spruce CBD Cream and Oil package design
Spruce Deep Chill Cooling CBD Muscle & Joint Cream label presentation

Website Design

After brand design development, the client started sales with a simple WordPress template. He adapted the template with his content and published it. A few months later, he decided to get a unique design to match its high level.

Hero image we made for the WordPress Template

First Version of Website

The first version is minimalist and simple. Easy to use and clear for customers.

Second Version of Website

Unfortunately, my client wanted something more interesting, so it wasn't approved. In the second version, I went another way and made an illustration. I tried to show how the product makes happy all its buyers and their pets.

The Final Version of Website

The illustration didn't match the brand feel, so I changed the conception. And now we see the fresh and cool North Carolina mountains. That's what the client wanted to show to his customers — the nature and naturality of all ingredients.

Totally approved ❤️

My first reaction to this is instantly much better. I like it. I've barely looked at it and I have an immediate attraction to it. I love this!

T. Spencer, Spruce Natural Labs LLC

The Concept of New Product Website

We're planning to work with the website for melatonin pills — a new product made special for Spruce. It will help people to fight insomnia and feel calm. I'm excited to continue.

Light version

Dark version