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January 5, 2021

Transformation ★

Protein powder by SPR BODY for weight loss and muscle gain. The brand is supported by a personal trainer of famous American actors (Sylvester Stallone, Ben Affleck, etc.)

The client provided a text prototype for which I needed to develop a stylish design. "Transformation Protein" is a food product, so my goal was not just to show all the benefits of the product. As in the Vitaforce project's case — to present it as appetizing as possible to make everyone who visits this site certainly want to try this protein shake.

The main section — first version of design


The client wanted to see "luxury" in design. The first thing that is associated with this is the combination of black and gold colors. The product's packaging embodies the client's wishes, and I decided to build on this. In the first version, I took the gold from the package as the primary color, but having assembled the composition, it became apparent: the last that it can cause is appetite.

It can be solved by changing the shade and adding ingredients to the presentation. I focused not on the sports equipment and the product's appearance (protein powder) but on its taste and what you can make from it — for example, a tasty cocktail with delicious vanilla foam.

The main section — second version of the design

The screen now looks completely different. This gold shade is much closer to food, reminiscent of juicy pineapples, delicate bananas, and vibrant mangoes. I've also tweaked the package's complementary color a bit to make it look brighter, cleaner. A realistic 3D model with dents and a nice texture begs to be held; you want to touch it.

The project's primary emphasis is made on the personal recommendation of Hollywood celebrities' trainer - Rehan Jalali. Even the packaging has his signature. The client's company recorded a video featuring Rehan talking about healthy lifestyles, exercise, healthy eating, and Transformation Protein benefits.

Second and third sections of the page. Video with the participation of Rehan Jalali information about him and successes in his career

Usually, in such projects, I'm limited in the choice of people images. If it was a nutritional supplement for strengthening joints, it was necessary to select photos of happy older men and women. However, I thought that people doing yoga would be more exciting and eloquently reflect the benefits of the joints and their flexibility.

However, in this project, I had complete freedom - we need beautiful people with relief muscles. There was no need to choose the most realistic models among many staged processed photographs with models. The client has said a couple of times that the selected models, on the contrary, are not sufficiently inflated 😄

I also used my favorite move — a composition with a product and its components. It's very relevant for the section describing the design of a protein powder.

Unfortunately, after the release, the project has undergone many changes to please American marketing's specifics. They decided to prioritize the image of the coach rather than the product itself. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with the initial version and had great pleasure working on this project.